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The Brasilia Mapping Festival begins its first edition in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital recognized by the modern architecture of Oscar Niemeyer and the urban plan of Lúcio Costa. Under the Smart Cities theme, the Festival proposes to discuss and present artistic possibilities for the future of the cities, based on the following reflections: how can we think of a more creative city with the participation of people, but culturally accessible? How would a city be with flow points promoting participatory aesthetics?

We understand technologies and concepts that involve aesthetic research and experimentation within the intersection between urban space, architecture, body and technologies in 5 (five) categories: exhibition, urban interventions, artistic performances, social platforms and symposium. Published or unpublished artworks, articles and innovative ideas will be accepted through public call for submission.


Event held by:

Beco da Coruja Produções

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MXR Arte e Tecnologia

+55 (11) 3039-8329

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Tato Comunicação

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